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Who's In Charge? This is a great idea and one you hope you’ll never have to use on your boat.

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Tip #11

This is a great idea and one you hope you’ll never have to use.

Before you go out on your cruise you need to plan ahead.  Imagine if you are the one that gets sick and needs medical attention. 

What the heck? That’s not supposed to happen! 

But what if it does… think about that.  Does someone else know the basic operation of the boat?  Does someone else know how to get help? Does someone else know where the first aid kit is?

This is a simple, 5 minute conversation to make someone your “first mate” in the event you’ll never need them.

As for your first aid kit. You should regularly inspect it to change out old lotions and potions, no time to find out the sting relief is dried up after the wasp attack.  OR worse, you have a sliver and find out the tweezers is missing or rusted!

First aid kits are wonderful, if they’re stocked and ready.

Well, it sounds like I just gave you an excuse to visit your boat to check the first aid kit.



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