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You’re on the boat.. you're out of chips. What do you do?

You’re on the boat.. you're out of chips. What do you do? NOTHING You’re in the middle of the Lake or River. That’s it… no more chips. But now the kids are cranky or your adults drinking are acting like kids and they are cranky… just bring more food than you need.I’ll put one disclaimer on that… bring food that comes in bags that does not spoil, per our Tip 4 on summer food safety. Extra crackers, things that settle tummy upset by waves or wine will be greatly appreciated by your guests.But looking at someone that’s turning green and saying, “sorry we’re out of food” doesn’t help.It’s an easy tip, just bring more food than you think you need!...

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Are You Trying to Make Your Friends Sick on A Boat?

  You’ve invited friends for an amazing boat ride… Then next day they talk about the stomach issues they have… how horrible would you feel?  Probably not as bad as them, but let’s prevent this by talking about food in the summer on a boat. Be careful.  You are in the sun and heat.  If you want raw meat for the grill, you need to think about how you’re getting it on the boat to the grill… but also use HAND SANITIZER This is a must for everyone.  You’re swimming or using sun block…maybe even fishing… just have a bottle of Purell around. That said, let’s talk about coolers because I learned a few things researching this topic!  Each time...

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