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Happy Boat Show

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I’ve spent the past weekend working at the Minneapolis Boat Show surrounded by all the newest and coolest boats. Boat shows are a fun adventure, but I think they’re even more fun when you’re just looking.  Actually buying a boat can become overwhelming quickly. Slow down and figure out what type of boater you are… […]

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To-Do: Sell Everything, Buy Boat, Sail Around World. Check.

Boat Trip boating adventure Buy a Boat sail arould world Why Boat

Sometimes you wake up and get lost in someone else’s adventure.  When that adventure involves selling all your possessions, buying a boat, and sailing around the world, it makes you ponder your to-do list for the day?! I’m not saying liquidate and run for the dock, but the photos of crystal blue waters sure do […]

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How Do I Take a Vacation?

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Asking the question of how you fit vacation time into your life seems obvious, but sometimes life happens and “getting away” seems more difficult.  That’s one benefit of having access to a boat.  Whether you buy a boat or you buy a membership in a boat club.  The ability to take one day a week […]

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Where to buy a boat… WOW, Top 100 Dealers Announced

Buy a Boat pick a boat top 100 boat dealers where to buy a boat

Buying a boat can seem overwhelming, but if you look at it as a challenge you’ll have a fun experience.  The boating selection tool on the site is a great resource for helping your figure out what type of boater you are and what boat you need.  It’s like picking out shoes.  Yes, shoes.  […]

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