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Speaking of gear, have you ever lost one shoe on your boat.  You have no idea what beach towel it got wrapped up in, which bag it went into, when it fell overboard, or what cubby it was placed into by mistake. But there it is gone.  How about this idea… repurpose a cargo net as a shoe holder.  It’s a perfect area and a perfect way to keep all shoes on board in pairs! (photo source: Pinterest)

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Even Your Boat Needs A New Purse

  With the reliability of motors way up, we often forget they can break.  Now this is not intended to turn you into a super boat fixer. However, having some basic tools on board will help you in the even you want to tighten, loosen, replace or stick something.  It’s also good if someone else comes on board to help.  So stick to the essentials, pliers, screw driver and wrench, but also add a multi tool which can be very helpful.  Then of course duct tape – I know, I’m big into duct tape.  A scissors is another good idea because they always come in handy.  The flashlight on your phone is nice, but it’s also great to have a...

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Why Ethanol (E15) is Bad for Boats – the really quick version.

Gasoline is not your most exotic boat accessory purchase, but it will be your most frequent.  Yesterday the EPA moved ahead with its plan for E15.  I thought I’d explain the basics of why ethanol and boats do not mix. Ethanol is a solvent.  It dissolves seals, gaskets, hoses and fiberglass fuel tanks.  Boats are different […]

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